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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use H-Rich Alkaline water instead of R.O.?

R.O. gives you Acidic Water for Drinking purpose which is harmful for long term usage. While Ni-Tech Alkaline Ionizer gives you various types of Alkaline water which is as good as spring water.

By using Alkaline Water, you can increase your immunity as well as some key benefits you can observe within 10 to 15 days are as under:

* You fill more energetic & your working efficiency increase.

* If you are suffering from constipation issue, you can fill relief within few days of usage.

* If you are suffering from Acidity issue, you can fill relief within few days of usage.

* If you are suffering from mouth ulcer or any oral issue you can get relief within 3 to 5 days by using Alkaline water.

Apart from the above-mentioned issue this water can use for various health issue & for medical use as well. For more details of various usage pl. let us know your problem & we suggest you how to use it & also provide you the pH & Quantity of water for your particular health issue.

Health Benefits of Alkaline Water.

Alkaline water is a super hydrator with awesome anti-oxidant benefits. This means it can hydrate your system 5 to 6 times more efficiently than regular water. It has great immunity-boosting benefits as its anti-oxidant properties.

Why Alkaline Water is Better than Normal Water?

A lot of water has flown down the debate of whether alkaline water is good, bad or just plain fad. This article explores this subject in detail.

Alkaline water water has been around for ages. It is high pH water. We know that it acts as a performance-enhancing sports drink because of the internal structure that allows it to form large superclusters. 

The water also boosts immunity and energy, fights diseases like cancers and strengthens bones. 

It is also known as special or enhanced water as it carries minerals that make it so good for our health and wellbeing.

Alkaline water affects the body’s pH level… and this is why it’s so good for us

Because of its highly alkaline pH, alkaline water neutralizes the enzyme Pepsin in your digestive tract, leading to less acid reflux. This has been proven through clinical studies. 

One lab study has shown conclusively that alkaline water with a pH of 8.8 deactivates pepsin, a digestive enzyme found in the stomach, helping beat acid reflux.

Because alkaline water neutralizes acid in the body, it can boost energy and cell hydration, and aid in digestion too. 

It strengthens bones and fights diseases because it flows better inside your arteries. 

This alkaline water is thus so good for the heart, hypertension and diabetes.

One study found that blood and urine pH change after users drank alkaline water for two weeks compared with a control group of participants who drank normal water. This shows that alkaline water is not neutralized in the body and can work effectively inside your system. 

Alkaline water is a super hydrator this means essentially that more alkaline water is retained by the body compared to normal water. 

Studies have also shown that the viscosity or thinness of blood is higher after exercising in a hot environment with alkaline water as compared with bottled water. 

Having thinner blood can help people get oxygen more efficiently after exercise.

…but that’s not all!

Research on alkaline water and longevity conducted on mice shows that it retards the ageing process. 

And to add- this water is tasty, the food cooked in it is also healthier as well as yummy… 

Alkaline water is a natural skin moisturizer with anti-ageing benefits that are on par with expensive creams. It also guards against dull, dry hair, breakages and hair fall.

Personal, anecdotal evidence point to the efficacy of alkaline water without any doubt. Numerous articles have also been written about the health and wellness benefits of alkaline water, but, sadly not much clinical data is available on the subject. There is an urgent need for research that validates the health benefits of this ionized water properly so that all doubts can be put to rest, once and for all.

What Is ORP in Alkaline Water and Why Is It Important for Your Health?

Alkaline water is deemed healthy for your body as it has a negative Oxidation Reduction Potential or ORP! Most of us don’t know what ORP in water is, let alone understand how and why it is healthy.

Here is a brief primer on ORP in water so that you understand the importance of alkaline water for your family’s health.

ORP in Water Primer:

ORP in water is a measure of whether the water you are drinking oxidizes or reduces another substance inside your body.

In plain speak, positive ORP readings indicate that your drinking water is more contaminated. Negative ORP readings on the other hand, indicate just the opposite.

The more negative the ORP is, the more anti-oxidizing is the water. This has many benefits for you.

Why Does the Human Body Need a Negative ORP in Water?

The human body needs to have a negative ORP and be on the alkaline side to function. If a person has too acidic blood, he would be likely to die. A person’s saliva and a number of other body fluids have a negative ORP value as do many fresh fruit juices. As a matter of fact, you can test the freshness of fruit juice by its ORP level.

It is possible to test the ORP value of the water you drink too. Alkaline water which is water with a pH of 8 or more, has a negative ORP value. A High pH and negative ORP makes alkaline water good and health-full for your body because it nourishes your body’s fluids.

Negative ORP water doesn’t contain dangerous, possibly lethal contaminants like Lead and Mercury and this is also a very big reason alkaline water is safe and healthy. Lead and mercury, both affect the brain and nerves and can cause death.

Negative ORP drinking water standards are thus critical to your health.

What is a Good ORP Level?

The more negative the ORP value, the more anti-oxidant properties are present in the alkaline water you are drinking.

As explained earlier, these properties are associated with anti-aging and cellular health. Positive ORP values, on the other hand, have the opposite effect. They age you before time!

Without getting into the chemistry of water, let’s just put it this way- negative ORP value alkaline drinking water can neutralize free radicals in your body. And water with positive ORP values cannot do so. High ORP drinking water standards are thus the best.

If you ask us what is a good ORP level for drinking water, the answer is it should have a rating of at least -50 millivolts, but it’s not often the case, hence a good alkaline water system should be added to your regular drinking water & replace the RO system in your kitchen.

This is the only way to get great, healthful drinking water that is even more healthy than bottled water.

Alkaline Water and Free Radicals:

Free radicals are unstable ions in the body which are generated by your system and can cause problems with your DNA. You can decrease free radicals by drinking anti-oxidant alkaline water with negative ORP values.

This water can also neutralize excess acids in the body and help regulate the body and keeps it healthy.

Water surrounds us. It’s in our bodies, comes out of faucets and runs through rivers, lakes, and oceans. While water seems similar, each source has its own set of ORP values. If you’re concerned about the health of your body, then pay attention to ORP and pH of the water you drink.

Ni-Tech can help you check the pH of the water that you drink. If you want to know more about ORP, pH and water safety please contact us

What is the difference between ni-Tech H-Rich Alkaline System and other alkaline systems available in the market?

H-Rich Alkaline System is indigenously developed at ni-Tech (NISHAL TECHNOLOGIES) with superior quality and modern features, supporting the “Make in India” drive. Unlike other brands, H-Rich Alkaline System is designed to function smoothly and provide alkaline water in various regions of India, and beyond.


Key features of ni-Tech H-Rich Alkaline System:

  1. In-built pressure pump to consistent pressure and smooth functioning of input water from the lift tank.
  2. Multi-layered filters including sediment filter with transparent bowl, activated carbon filter, bowl mounting plate, bowl fitting elbow.
  3. Touchless operation with remote for all key functionalities including power controls, water selection, daily and monthly cleaning, and more.
  4. Affordable and infrequent maintenance and repairing costs and easy repair/replacement of remote control.
Comparison & Key differance between NI-Tech H-Rich Alkaline Machines & other machines available in the market?

To get complete idea about our product v/s other product pl. check the given below table.

Other Open market Machines.   NI-Tech Alkaline Machines.
Many years old Conventional Technology Needs R.O.       Advance MLSP Technology so, Can work fine even without R.O.
Offers 2 to 3 types of Drinking water.   Offers 5 Types of Drinking water.
Imported.   100% truly INDIAN. So, be Vocal for Local.
All functions are manual with Touch operation.   100% Touchless operation with full Function Remote.
Small Basic LCD Display.   20 x 4 multi informative Large LCD Display.
Comes with Conventional in-built Transformer type power supply.   Having highly advance S.M.P.S. based external power supply.
Solar power not supported.   Comes with Solar power option for remote locations.
Battery Back-up for remote location not available.   Comes with Battery back-up & Solar charging option for remote location as well as very helpful during Disaster.
Booster pump not provided.   In-built Booster pump.
Cannot work with Low Water Pressure.   Works fine even without any Pressure.
Sediment Filter not provided.   Comes with Sediment Filter.
In-built Activated Carbon Filter Provided which is costly & difficult to replace.                          Comes with External Activated Carbon Filter which is easily replaceable & easily available at very minor cost.
Very high maintenance Approx. INR. 8 to 12000 / year.   Very Low Maintenance Cost Approx. INR. 500 to 1500.
Electrolysis Enhancer tank required.   Do not require Electrolysis Enhancer Tank.
Due to Imported product After sales service is a big issue for major fault.   As 100% Make in INDIA Quick & economical After sales service.
Customization not possible.   100% Customization possible.
Not affordable for everyone.   Affordable for everyone as having full range of various models.
How many types of drinking water we can get from H-Rich machines?

You can get five types of drinking water from H-Rich P7 Max Pro. The details are as under:

1. Plain filtered water.

2. 8.0 pH to 8.5 pH Water.

3. 8.5 pH to 9.5 pH Water.

4. 9.5 pH to 10.5 pH Water.

5. 10.5++ pH Water.

For various use of this water for various diseases pl. Email us your issue along with model number of our Aalkaline machine.

Note: Please note that never try to use & apply our suggested remedies with water of other alkaline water machines. Because we don't know the process & functionalities of other machines.   

Can I Drink 10.5++ pH Water & How much water of 10.5++ pH can I drink per day?

Normally all the other machines available in the market are offer 9.5 pH maximum for drinking purpose & above that they use some chemical or NaCl to increase the conductivity of water.

But when you use any chemical or NaCl the properties of water is changed & converted into sodium hydroxide which you get from Alkaline out-put water line which is potentially dangerous substance

While in ni-Tech Alkaline machine we do not use any chemical or NaCl so, you get the pure high pH Alkaline water which you can drink easily for some typical diseases with medical supervision & ask our experts by Emial before start drinking.

Till now we find only Two products which offers 10.5++ pH drinking water, first H-Rich Alkaline Machines offered by NISHAL TECHNOLOGIES & second Oxy+ Alkaline Machines offered by GIRIRAJ ELECTRONICS.

Will the state of the water change when heated or refrigerated?

The state of the water changes upon heating and refrigeration. When heated, the ORP and pH of the water changes. Whereas when chilled through refrigeration, the ORP changes but the pH remains unchanged for up to a week - depending on the quality of tap water.

Can I use ni-Tech H-Rich alkaline water to take medicine?

H-Rich alkaline water is intended for everyday drinking and cooking; however, it is recommended to consider the following points for intake with medications. Do not take medicine with higher pH water.

  • Medicines shouldn’t be consumed with higher pH water. Hence, press the remote button of 8 to 8.5 pH to get lite Alkaline water - suitable for intake with medicines, or Press - Key of Remote to get Plain filtered water to take medicines.
  • The pH level of stomach acids is about 1.5 to 2.5pH, and medication is prescribed in accordance to this pH level in order for it to take effect past the stomach. The effectiveness of medicines with H-Rich water has not been tested yet; and to ensure full effect of the medication, we recommend leaving sometime between taking the medication and drinking H-Rich Water. Discontinue consumption of H-Rich alkaline water and seek medical assistance in case of any discomfort or abnormality in the body due to intake of alkaline water along with medicines.
Will the quality of input tap water affect the quality of H-Rich alkaline water?

H-Rich Alkaline System is engineered to deliver consistently high-quality drinking water, and the type of input tap water does not affect the quality. H-Rich Alkaline water and acidic water produced by electrolysis.  The system can be customized to suit various qualities of input water, and it can support up to 650 TDS water & above as per needs.

How do I use Acidic water for beauty care?

Drinking alkaline water is proven to be beneficial for skin quality and hydration. The acidic water can be used as facial mist at regular intervals throughout the day. This helps with maintaining skin's pH level between 5.0 and 6.0 and removes any residual dirt and impurities. The acidic water can be used for bathing, and it will help preserve the moisture of your skin.

How do we begin drinking H-Rich Water?

Setting pH level 2 with 8.5 to 9.5 pH is recommended for switching from normal water to alkaline water for healthy adults.  For children or seniors, set the pH level to an even lower pH level for the initial phase say 8.0 to 8.5 pH.

After continuing regular intake for about 2 to 3 weeks, gradually increase the pH level as the body adjusts to the current pH level. The recommended setting is 8.0 to 8.5 pH, and can be regularly consumed as per your preferences, requirements and physical condition once the body has transitioned to alkaline water.

Alkaline water is not recommended for infants (1 year or younger), since their intestinal movement is different from adults. The use of H-Rich water with pH level 8.5 pH & above is not encouraged until the infant begins to consume more complicated edibles. H-Rich water pH level 8.5 pH & above should not be used to make powdered milk for infants; however H-Rich water pH level 8.0 to 8.5 pH can be used.

How will the electrolysis cell function effectively?

H-Rich Alkaline system is designed for higher electrolysis capacity and durability; hence, the electrode plates are made with highest-quality titanium, plated with platinum. The choice of materials ensures that electrode plates are completely rustproof, offers lower maintenance, longevity and guarantees higher volumes of output water.

The electrolysis cell and motherboard secure a high (Negative) -ORP, and produces safe, healthy and delicious water.  The automatic cleaning mechanism ensures that the electrolysis cell is always clean, and it should last 15 years for HP series as well as 5 to 7 years for other ranges. However, the lifespan of an electrolysis cell completely depends upon parameters like daily usage, number of people, model, type of water and its quality.

What should I do when I notice a build-up of clusters in the storage tank / stainless steel container / glass or glass container?

Small amounts of minerals are found in unpurified water, and during electrolysis, these minerals concentrate on the negative plate of the electrolysis cell, causing clusters to attach to the electrode plate. H-Rich eradicates these clusters by reversing the voltage, and sometimes these clusters fall off inadvertently. When the water is stored in the storage tank, stainless steel container, glass or glass container - these clusters accumulate to the bottom and sides. These clusters are mineral accumulations, and are completely harmless even upon consumption.

However, it is recommended to regularly clean the storage tank at least once every three months. To clean these clusters, pour synthetic white vinegar or any other citric acid into the container - and let it rest for 12 to 15 hours. The clusters will easily come off after the vinegar soak, and rinse the container thoroughly with clean water.

How to maintain the electrolysis cell?

The accumulation of mineral clusters on electrode plates is inevitable due to the presence of various amounts of minerals like calcium, magnesium, etc. These mineral clusters can potentially decrease the electrolysis capacity of the appliance, and might affect the lifespan of the system.

To ensure easy maintenance, the H-Rich Alkaline System is equipped with a highly advanced automatic cleaning system that breaks off the clusters. This automatic cleaning mechanism activates for 1 minute when the system is switched on, and regularly removes the mineral clusters. H-Rich Alkaline System is also equipped with monthly clean mode, which can be conducted using the remote control. Regular cleaning is necessary to maximize the life span of the electrolysis cell, and any special maintenance is not required for smooth functioning of the system.

What is the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP)?

Oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) or redox is a measurement that indicates how much electric potential is needed to reduce or slow down the process of oxidation (rusting / decaying) of any substance. The unit of ORP measurement is millivolts (mV), and negative ORP in order to be considered good, especially for drinking - since higher ORP suggests presence of more pollutants and oxidizing agents.

H-Rich Alkaline water has a negative ORP reading, making it anti-oxidizing, hence providing bonus electrons that help counteract free radicals that create aging and disease in the body.

What is the ideal pH level?

Recommended pH for drinking is 8 to 8.5 pH for healthy adults. Please be advised that pH 10.5 or higher are not recommended for regular drinking, because both over-acidity (acidosis) and over-alkalinity (alkalosis) are extremes that we must all try to avoid. Drinking normally at pH 8 to 8.5 on a daily basis is more than enough to help us neutralize the over-acidity in our bodies. However for more specific details you can ask our experts by Email.

What should I expect once I start drinking Oxy+ alkaline water regularly?

You should expect to feel more energized, improved bowel movement, and better skin complexion within the first few weeks of drinking. Scientific studies imply that certain chronic health conditions also reported improvements in condition within 3 to 6 months.